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Masks and Makeup

Wearing Makup and masks

Hey Hey Babe,

It's your self care bestie, Goldi, bringing you all the hot topics of the beauty biz.

An issue pressing in recent times is the matter of wearing makeup and masks.

The world got the shock of its existence in March when the coronavirus known as COVID-19, became a global pandemic. In its tumultuous wake, it shifted the way in which we treated hygiene; forcing us to subscribe to the new norms of frequent washing of hands, repeat use of hand sanitizers and public compliance of mask wearing. 

The virus has consequently put a damper on many businesses, including the beauty industry, with sales seemingly plummeting on lip wear. Lip glosses, lipsticks, lip stains and balms are going into retirement. And I don't know about you, but I am not pleased about this one bit! What can I say? I love rocking my favorite lippie.


So, because there are exceptions to every fast and hard rule, some beauty boss babes have been applying these workaround techniques:

Delaying their makeup application on to the lips until they've reached their destination (work, restaurant or parties) presents itself as an option. 

Next on the cosmetic train is tranfering focus from the mouth to the eyes, dazzling with bold and popping eye shadows, eye liner and mascara - can't leave out the brows, drawn to artistic perfection.

There are the chosen few who rely on their matte lippies and stains to work overtime in staying on while in the masks. And others reapply their lips often because looking good makes them feel good.

The most innovative concept I've seen is ladies opting for masks with a protrusion in it's design to accommodate lips and therefore, lippies. Talk about having on your makeup and wearing your mask too, without a hitch. That's a win-win in my book. 

I hope this provided some insight and if you have other suggestions, feel free to hit me up so we can talk about it. Goldie signing out. But before I go, remember as you go about your day to stay gorjus, stay glamorous, and of course, Stay Golden.

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