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Be the 'balm' in lip care

What is up Diary!

They say, "The brighter the lips, the brighter the smile." But it's hard to illuminate such radiance when you're worried about the look, feel and overall health of your lips. Well, kiss those problems goodbye and pucker up to feeling good about your pouting pair again. Be the 'balm' in lip care with these cool cure tips. 

Seal in moisture

Licking those lips is not enough. In fact, you would not believe that this temporary 'fix' does more harm in drying them out in the long run than good. Engage in the practice of moisturizing your lips daily. Invest in balms and butters made from essential ingredients and oils like coconut, shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil. Or for those living in tropical areas or trying to survive this heated summer, butters and balms with the sunscreen effect - rich in Vitamin A, C or E. Wear them often. That way, you not only seal in all that goodness of these natural minerals but you put on a protective shield against the badness like dryness.

Give your lips even extra attention while you're asleep. Replenish them with balms and butters of your choice and head to bed. And on occasions where lippies come into play, the same rule applies. You can choose to apply your balm or butter before your lippie, after that layer has made a landing on your lips, or in both instances - doesn't hurt to be extra safe.

Develop an active lip care routine

The lip is a part of your skin, so why not offer the same pampering routine? Say it with me: exfoliate. Get rid of chapped and flaky lips and remove the top layer to welcome fresh and clean lips. 

Matte lipsticks and lip stains have the tendency to do more damage to our lips than we even realize, so clean off your lip makeup effectively and consider using a lip scrub after for a more thorough cleanse. Consistency is key, so keep it up and you will see rejuvenated results. P.S. take a break from those  cosmetic selections and go for more hydrating options.

Treat inside out with fluids

Sometimes our chapped or cracked lips are a physical indication that something is wrong internally. Get a handle on your health from the inside out by consuming liquids and staying hydrated. After all, water is life, so drink up, my Golden Goddesses - your lips will absolutely love it!

Also, try to achieve and maintain balanced eating habits that will nurture your body and show on your moist glistening lips as a result.

Expand your lipping card

Maybe your lip issue isn't skin deep and instead has to do with the monotony of making safe colour choices. Goldi is here to tell you: you got options! So step out of your comfort zones and dare to pop in vibrant hues and shades.

Follow these steps and your lips will be sure to heal and deliver on sexy confidence. One more piece of advice: stay gorgeous, stay glamorous and of course, stay golden.



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