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Our Authorized Retailer Program is a perfect way to supplement your earnings especially if you're a fan. Sprinkles Glitter Everywhere**Our program allows you to order our Glitter Lip Kits, Cosmo Glitters and Gloss Bonds at wholesale price for repurchase. Our minimum normally start as l`ow as 20 units and you can mix them up however you'd like.We strongly suggest ordering Glitter Lip Kits prior to becoming a Retailer just so you can properly select shades that your customers may like. If you need the scoop like " who are the Best Sellers", we'd be happy to share. At the moment, Sweetie, Hunni, Burlesque and It's Cocoa are slayingggg!

If you would like to move forward with Becoming a Stay Golden Cosmetics Authorized Retailer, please email us at