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How To Weather Your Storms

We always hear about the calm before the storm. And while we can appreciate the silence as we gear up for disaster, not enough attention is given to the calm during the storm. 

Welcome to Stay Golden. I'm your girl Goldi bringing you stirring conversation in all things self care. This week's topic: letting your peace reign during chaos. 

Let's face it: some storms have their season, others appear for many reasons and there are those we don't see coming that knock the wind out of us. Here's your forecast for today: ways we can create tranquility, despite the looming mayhem.

Disaster Preparedness

Now, with an actual physical storm, the first thing you do once you get word of its impending arrival is to stock up. But life doesn't always work that way. Misery loves company so why not counteract the negative by keeping stock of your positive energy? Even though you have zero control of who or what comes into your space, you are the captain of determining how you react to situations.

Make self care your priority. Might I suggest meditating daily to foster a harmonious environment? Maybe you can seek divine intervention and ask God about it - nothing beats prayer. Or you can take a pragmatic approach by returning to passions and hobbies like painting, writing, exercising or dancing; any activity that serves to reignite a happy spark in your life.

Before you know it, you'll be saying goodbye to those clouds of doubt and hello to clear sunny skies. 

Accept your storm

Nothing wreaks havoc more than negating the very nature of your storm. Stop wallowing in the murky waters of denial. The best step towards self recovery is acknowledging your injuries. So let's be responsible adults (much harder than it looks) and face the music.

Once you have identified and accepted your storm, you are better able to move on to the next step. You can either fight against all odds or ride out the waves. Both are viable options, depending on the circumstances. Remember: catharsis is necessary for healing.

Name that Category 

Hurricanes travel in five categories: one being the weakest and five being the strongest. Decide which category you're experiencing and steadily watch if it is worsening or improving. That way, you can readily apply the necessary solutions to the problems. Breathe and count backward from 10 to one - you're gonna get through this.

Reach out and Communicate 

Have you ever noticed how as soon as there is a storm pending, the first thing we do is reach out to our loved ones? There, we express our fears and hopes, offering words of motivation and support. Why can't the same practice be applied to the depressions of your life? Phone a friend or family member and activate your own signal of storm (SOS) code.

The person on the other end of the call, message, email or sitting right next to you may be able to provide insightful explanations or assist you through your predicament. 

Seek advice from experts 

If things are hitting too close to home and you have nowhere to turn, seek advice from a professional. Counsellors are impartial and can put a refreshing perspective on the table. They also have this uncanny way of turning the mirror on you so that you can truly reflect on the problem in front of you, feel your way through it, so that you can be on the road to discovery. 

Conquer the Beast

At the end of the day, you hold the master keys to your peace of mind so tackle your storms head on, hunni. Find the showers of blessings in the lessons and vice versa.

And that's it. If you got to the very end - then mission accomplished. It's ya self care bestie, Goldi, encouraging you to stay gorgeous, stay glamorous and of course, Stay Golden.

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