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Glow Up Like Cardi

Glow Up Like Cardi B

Hey Diary, can we talk about one of the coolest glo' ups of all time?

My girl Cardi! It’s crazy how she went from being herself on the 'Gram to becoming a household name and hip hop icon. From landing an exclusive partnerships with Fashionova, to being throned Best Dressed at the 2019 Met Gala. Cardi went from twerking on a pole in the Bronx, to twerking on the stage at the 2018 Grammys, and all I can think is Yasssss Sis!

One thing that I realized is the change in her entire appearance since she started her shift especially her new #Glow. After a lil digging, I found some of her beauty secrets that I wanna try. The first tip I learnt about was the Ole Henriksen 's Banana Bright Eye Cream. It remedies puffy eyes and it helps your foundation to glide on with a smooth finish. I know lack of sleep, too much partying and crying over an ex causes a serious case of puffy eyes. Considering Cardi's busy lifestyle, I see why she goes for this.

Now the next tip I learnt about is sun block related. I've always heard that sun block should be worn everyday but I haven't gotten into the habit yet. Cardi uses Image Skincare Ultimate Protection SPF 50. From the reviews, it seems to be in the no-cast, light weight realms which usually is not my norm for sun blocks. Adds to Cart lol.--

Being an influential celeb is a 24/7 job okkur; and add to that, chasing around her 2yr old can be stressful. But I guess it's true; 'she got that Benjamin Button'. I just wonder if it's the Image Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum. I read it's full of Vitamin C that leaves your skin supple and bouncy. I think I definitely need to start using serums, cause Hunni, I have to look 30 when I'm 60 okay.

Let's hop into the last tip she co-signed; the Ole Henriksen’s C- Rush Brightening Gel Creme. This product comes with a one-two punch.  Not only does it brighten and hydrate your skin, but it also serves as a smooth foundation for makeup application.


The lesson here is hydrate, defense and treat when it comes to Glow Up Skincare. Most celebs and popular figures, have similar regimens that allow them to look amazing. I think following a regimen will definitely take my occasional dull to consistent GLOW!. I'll keep you posted on the journey .

We'll chat soon,
xo Goldi

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