D’OR Lit Lidz
D’OR Lit Lidz
D’OR Lit Lidz

D’OR Lit Lidz

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D’OR |translates | GOLDEN

What does it take To Be This Golden? Answer: D’OR. D’OR is the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pure gold pigment. Try it yourself; you’ll probably fall in love.

OMG! You’re here again! Thanks a Mil.  Our Lit Lidz are a silky smooth duo of whipped and dusted pigments that gives ULTRA GLOW REFLECTS. They are loaded with concentrated glitter pigments giving the effect of glitter ying-yanging on your eye lids.  Just blink and you’ll have the world “shook”. 

Use our Whipped Eye Pigment on your eye inner tear ducts, brow bone or water line

Use our Eye Dust Pigment on your eye lids or lower lash line. Add as a topper to the Whipped Eye Pigment to intensify the look. 

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