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Our Authorized Retailer Program is a perfect way to supplement your earnings especially if you're a fan. Sprinkles Glitter Everywhere **Our program allows you to order our Glitter Lip Kits amongst our other products at wholesale price for repurchase. Our minimum normally start as low as 30 units and you can mix them up however you'd like. We strongly suggest ordering Glitter Lip Kits prior to becoming a Retailer just so you can properly select shades that your customers may like. If you need the scoop like "who are the Best Sellers", we'd be happy to share. At the moment, Baeby, Boujee, Burlesque and It's Cocoa are slayingggg!

If you would like to move forward with Becoming a Stay Golden Cosmetics Authorised Retailer, please email us at concierge

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