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Glitter Chunk

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Do you want that extra glimmer, shine and glitter for your lips? Say no more, because our Chunky Glitter Set will do that for you without delay. The possibilities are endless with these glitter chunks. You get 12 Holographic Glitter Chunks in this set, each with their own flare and vibe.

Pot Luck – Glisten and Glimmer like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Euphoria  – The Ocean is your home with this euphoric blue beauty.

Drogon  – Fierce and Rigid, yet Cute and Sexy. Turn some heads with this boss glitter.

Nova – Unleash your girly flair, whip your hair and let your pretty pink shine.

Charmed  – Enchant the one that looks upon your ethereal beauty. Bold, Earthy and Charming.

Vintage  – Everyone wants to dance with her. The lady in red, boasting her confidence without hesitation.

Nutmeg – Strut away proudly, you are strong, you are powerful, you are that girl.

Vixxy – No fear in your soul and no care in the world. Black and beautiful, yet soft on the eyes.

Lagoon  – Without exception, you glisten and shine. You control your destiny and you are ready for what is to come.

Iccyy – Heart cold but she’s warm

Killah  – There has never been a look so deadly. Take what you want, the world is yours. Spark fear in their minds but lust in their eyes.

Seduct – So irresistible they’ll be begging for more