• Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit
  • Regal Glitter Lip Kit

Glitter Lip KitGlitter Lip Kit

Regal Glitter Lip Kit

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Smudge Proof Eraser


Smudge Proof Eraser

Calypso Liquid Lipstick


Calypso Liquid Lipstick

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Let’s talk time travel. The 70s were iconic. Disco, Dance and D*ugs. Boogie the house down in this stunning purple and blue Indigo Glitter Fantasy. Dancing Queens this one’s for you!

Snag this super cute sparkly lippy for that outstanding look!


What Comes Inside Your Glitter Lip Kit?

Regal Cosmo Glitter, Gloss Bond & Dual Tip Applicator.

What to Expect?

To get your gorgeous, smudge proof pout, there are 3 or 4 steps depending on which you prefer. If you would like to see a video tutorial, please check out the video on this page or head over to SGCTV. 

How To Apply?

1. Start with dry lips or remove any excess oiliness that may be on your lips. 
You may opt to line your lips first or after, whichever is easiest for you. Lining your lips makes glitter lip application flawless. 
2. Apply your Gloss Bond one lip at a time. You'll know when you're ready when the Gloss Bond turns clear.

3. Apply your Cosmo-Glitter with the Dual Tip Applicator or your Finger or a Flat Brush. You may damped the sponge end of the Dual Tip Applicator; this allows more product to be picked up. Use the Flat end of the Dual Tip Applicator to clean up your edges. Follow the same steps for your other lip. 

4*. You may opt to pair our Matte Lippies from our Island Girl Collection or one you may have at home. Ensure your matte lip is dried before applying the Gloss Bond. Follow steps 2 and 3 after you've applied your Matte Lip. 



Cosmo-Glitter (Cosmetic Grade Glitter):

Polyethylene terephthalate, Expoxy Copolymer, Aluminium CI & Pigment.

Gloss Bond: 

Hema acetoacetate, water, polyacrylic acid, methyl methacrylate propylene glycol, octane-1,2-diol, phenoxyethanol.


Customer Reviews
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Gorgeous color

While these lip kits aren't absolutely flawless, they do peel off a bit with eating and drinking, especially if you do a lot of it, they are absolutely beautiful, and not nearly as difficult to apply as I expected. I am not very skilled with makeup as I am entirely self taught, and this was pretty easy to figure out the first go round, and it looked good. I always receive compliments when I wear these kits, and this color in particular is one of my favorites. Be wary of attempting any touchups, as adding any of the glue can just make the peeling worse and pull more of the stuff that is actually still on your lips off. I try to just pick off the pieces that are really noticeably peeling/flaking off if necessary, and try to pat down the rest if I need to, though it does feel slightly awkward on your face at that point.

Aliyah E.
Purple AF!!!

Purple is my absolute favorite color so I obviously had to snag this and I’m so happy I did!!!!!


This lip kit is amazing and it looks stunning! I got compliments from adults and kids. I had to tell people where to purchase it. I had no problems with it coming off....In fact, I had to go buy the proper make-up remover to fully remove the lip because I forgot to get oil based. I will be getting more colors!

Bomb af!!!

Listennnn.. I wore this to a bbq in the day and I kid you not, I was the star of the show! Got so many compliments from men and women...all eyes were on me ;) I paired it with a lippie of the same color and it lasted all day through **** pork, multiple drinks and ******. Shipping to NY was quick (about 3 days) and the packaging was so cute. Love love love!!

Stay Golden Cosmetics

Yassss!!!! Thank You!


This is not a review full of fluff... Its the easiest to apply, waterproof, food proof, drink proof, kiss proof and last all night!! These lippie kits are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! Im a lippie girl and these DID NOT disappoint!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

Stay Golden Cosmetics

You are the real MVP!