• GLITZ KIT (w) Lip Liner
  • GLITZ KIT (w) Lip Liner
GLITZ KIT (w) Lip Liner GLITZ KIT (w) Lip Liner


GLITZ KIT (w) Lip Liner


ADD ONS : Add our Glitter Lip Kit essentials to your look

Kiss Proof Eraser


Kiss Proof Eraser

Eleuthera Liquid Lipstick


Eleuthera Liquid Lipstick

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Popping Pink.

IT’S SURREAL how Glitzy this is. It’s our top seller for a reason. Imagine a Candy land world filled with Unicorns. A world where we wouldn’t gain weight after eating a pizza made out of chocolate! In this world, Glitz would be the rainbow.


Each Glitter Lip Kit comes with an Lip Liner, Cosmo Glitter, Gloss Bond, & Applicator.


Please note that any price increase that you may see is because of the new Lip Liner Component in our Kits. We felt that it was needed for flawless application. 


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