Blingy Cosmo Glitter

Cosmo GlitterCosmo Glitter

Blingy Cosmo Glitter


ADD ONS : Add our Glitter Lip Kit essentials to your look

Gloss Bond Refill


Gloss Bond Refill

Kiss Proof Eraser


Kiss Proof Eraser

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Bling Bling Bling!

Let's be honest some of us like more attention than others. You Know who you are! 

Well we've got the Cosmo Glitter for you ! Blingy is not for the timid, this Yellow Silver baby should come with a warning. "Wear at The Risk of Being Too Fabulous for Life'


Wear it on your eyes, lips or body!

Cosmo Glitters are not sold with a Lip Liner, Gloss Bond or Dual Tip Applicator. To turn your Cosmo Glitter into a Glitter Lip Kit purchase our Gloss Bond which is sold separately.



Glitter Powder - Polyethylene terephthalate, Expoxy Copolymer, Aluminium CI& Pigment.