Audacity Cosmo Glitter

Cosmo GlitterCosmo Glitter

Audacity Cosmo Glitter


ADD ONS : Add our Glitter Lip Kit essentials to your look

Kiss Proof Eraser


Kiss Proof Eraser

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Yes we are telling you now! We HAVE the Audacity. 

It takes a certain kind of bae to rock this Burnt Orange vibe. This shade is perfect for all seasons but we absolutely love her in Fall. Do YOU have the audacity? Cause we do. 

Cosmo Glitters are our Cosmetics Grade Glitters sold separately. They are the perfect add ons for ladies who'd like to try something new. Most of our Cosmo's were part of our Limited Edition Glitter Lip Kits. Many of our customers asked for us to bring the back, so we did :). 


Cosmo-Glitter (Cosmetic Grade Glitter):

Polyethylene terephthalate, Expoxy Copolymer, Aluminium CI & Pigment.

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