• So Fairy Cosmo Glitter

    So Fairy Cosmo Glitter

    If you love Baeby, then you'll love her spicy sister. With hints of green, this shade will have you feeling like a fire fly at night.

  • Blingy Cosmo Glitter

    Blingy Cosmo Glitter

    Bling Bling. Well let's just say if you needed aliens to find you, just dab this on your face. LOL! This silver is super Bling, a total must have.

  • Charm Cosmo Glitter

    Charm Cosmo Glitter

    Good luck not falling in love with Charm. An emerald green with gold lights that dazzles hard.

  • Mystical Cosmo Glitter

    Mystical Cosmo Glitter

    Okay now, you know if we did two blues, one had to be super low key thrill. Mystical is absolutely magical, completely unique and in it's own lane. Try her out.

  • Audacity Cosmo Glitter

    Audacity Cosmo Glitter

    Oldie but super goodie. The audacity we had to make this a limited Fall spice. Your rust super holographic shade is back with red, silver, gold and green lights.

  • Risque Cosmo Glitter

    Risque Cosmo Glitter

    Our majestic royal blue is back with red, green, silver and gold lights.

  • Stellar Cosmo Glitter

    Stellar Cosmo Glitter

    Oh snap now! Are you this bold. Stellar is ultra holographic with pink, blue, green, orange and gold lights. Play with her, she's a total vibe.

  • King Cosmo Glitter

    King Cosmo Glitter

    A true gold because we are Stay Golden Cosmetics

  • Luver Cosmo-Glitter

    Luver Cosmo-Glitter

    True Gold glitter with holographic lights.