Why is Glitter Lip Kit the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Must Have?

Why is Glitter Lip Kit the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Must Have?

Posted by Keneisha Henry on

Girl, let me tell you why our Glitter Lip Kits are the ultimate must have for this New Year's Eve. 

Our Glitter lip kits are kiss proof, smudge proof , drink proof – yes – drink proof ! So you can get turnt up, eat, drink, party & SLAY all holiday season.  From the first sip to the last kiss, Stay Golden Cosmetics got you. I mean, we’re GLITTERALLY your party bestie.

Still not convinced? With the variety of colours, this lip kit will express your BOLD side, your inner YOU & you’ll be catching eyeballs everywhere you go.

VAMP up your night, come through popping BAEBY girl & lemme spill tea cause IT'S COCOA time. 

Were you naughty or nice this season? If you’ve been naughty then Burlesque is the perfect colour for you. It’s a gorgeous seductive red with a dash of silver  glitz.  If you really want to amp up your  naughty expression then Vamp is screaming your name sweetie.  Look wickedly gorgeous  in this vampire inspired shade of red with a dash of rainbow glitter.  Even  if you weren’t naughty, who doesn’t love the perfect red? Maybe you were nice this season. In that case I know Baeby would be your colour. With a faint pink, next to nude hue and silver sparkles,  you can be gentle but make a giant statement – #gentlegiant.  Nice doesn't mean boring, babe you're far from it. You know what's the best shade to show your inner sweetness ? - It's Cocoa ! Our chocolate shade is accentuated with  specks of emerald and scarlet. It's perfect for smooching that special someone who has a sweet tooth for you. Not sure if you're  naughty or nice? You're definitely a Galactica girl - period. This bold expression of colour is the definition of midnight sky with a kaleidoscope of stars. You'll have everyone star gazing at you.  Where ever you fall on the naughty-nice spectrum we have a colour just for YOU to rock this  New Year's Eve. 

Our Glitter Lit Kits came to slay & stay so you can enjoy the most popular party night of the year - NYE.  When it's time to kiss your lavish look goodbye use our Kiss Proof eraser. It removes the GLK and any other hard to remove makeup, including eye makeup, with ease ! Now you know why it's the Ultimate New Year's Eve must have. Ready, set, slay with your party bestay. 

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