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Krissy on  Regal Glitter Lip Kit
Krissy on Regal Glitter Lip Kit

“ I bought the kit for a Sexy Vampire photoshoot and forgot it at home after paying for rush posting. I wear it out last week and people in cars was asking about my lipstick. Everyone asked where did I buy it and how on point it was. I drank...ate...kiss did everything has normal lips still popping. I'm getting every color!”

“ I just got my Baeby Glitter Lip Kit in the mail and tried it on and OH EM GEE this shxt is the real deal!! Exactly as glittery and smudge proof as it’s claimed to be. Oh my goodness I am so happy!! I’m about to order another color now.”

“ I wore this for the first time tonight and was amazed. I ate wings and was drinking and it didn’t even smudge. I also got so many compliments in the matter of minutes by both men and women. Highly recommend.”

“ I got so many compliments! I’m a chocolate sis. Dark skin with probably a warm undertone. So with that being said. THIS looked so good on me. I was feeling myself all night! I turned 21 and had drinks and it did not transfer to my straw any. I also had so saucy chicken wings and for the most part it didn’t come off. Except the part closest to my inner lip. It mixed with the oil from the chicken and kind of rubbed off but you couldn’t tell until ya tasted it. 😂😂 I give it allllll 5 stars”

“ Man I love this color. I got and expected it to not be as good as the videos. But it was beyond what I expected sparkle lieks crazy like I literally just look in the mirror and move my head to watch the sparkles. Got tons of compliments on it and will be ordering more”

“ This stuff is amazing! I applied it that morning and my lips were still popping that night. I recieved multiple comments on it. I also did a little kissing and it remained on my lips. I will be making future purchases..”

“ This kit is gorgeous for a fancy night out on the town. Not tacky. Totally kiss proof. Sweet as a cherry. I love my glitter kit. I'm totally obsessed with it. My boyfriend thinks it's so beautiful, all he wants to do is kiss me! He says it's not awkward or uncomfortable to kiss, in case you were wondering *muah*”


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